CHALO The Art of InnerPersonal Communications can be acquired via this site. It is a method of communications based on intuitive thinking. When understood the philosophy enhances both sexes.

InnerPersonal Communications "IPC" has been sought by many, yet few are chosen with even less being willing to adapt the knowledge once they become conscious. Which is why the Art has been mastered primarily by "The Deity" and those in "The Loop". When one reads history discovering why civilizations have come into being. Recognizing those that have prospered, they are usually realizing the clarity, influence and powers of IPC.

Knowledge about communications between the sexes for individual consultation, seminars, and the printed word, (i.e. audio books, etc etc) is exclusive to this site.

Consultations are offered on a private basis, with a focus on inviting that significant other to the "roundtable". Groups and seminars are scheduled periodically and pre-arranged dates for the same are welcomed. Please contact us via e-mail or through any of the listed contact methods. Once the Universal Cord is linked we will gladly provide you with a promo-pak including our services and schedule of fees. You can also secure a a personal Q&A form through this site. Please download, complete. and return it to us. This info will allow us to determine our compatibility in assisting you in acquiring the knowledge and wisdom of IPC.